Robert Griffin III Foundation Launches New Website


ASHBURN, Va. (Dec. 19, 2014) With the love and support of others along the way, Robert Griffin III has overcome many obstacles to become the professional athlete, well-rounded family man, and generous philanthropist he is today.

The Robert Griffin III Foundation, a Robert Griffin III Foundation, is Griffin’s way of giving back to the community and organizations that made such a positive impact on his life. The purpose of the foundation is to give people a reason to believe they can accomplish anything, and that their dreams aren’t out of reach.

“Go catch your dream is something that I’ve always been told,” Griffin said, “and now, more than anything, we want to give back and be that extra push people need to catch their dreams.”

In collaboration with various non-profit organizations, the new foundation will help multiple families each year by providing them with the networks and resources necessary to overcome life’s obstacles.

We want to reach families from all walks of life,” Robert Griffin III Foundation President, Rebecca Griffin said.  “We will also be involved with military and youth organizations to provide those families with the support that they need.


The Robert Griffin III Foundation is more than a foundation; it is about encompassing everyone who helps and gets help, making all of them part of the Family. Director of Development, Will Mallow, said the goal is to create an extended Family, a large group of people who want to help inspire others to ‘go catch their dreams.’

To learn how you can join the Family, visit the newly launched website at

“We want to grow our family,” Mallow said, “each contribution, and each family we help is a welcome addition to the Robert Griffin III Foundation Foundation.”