Our Story

A Message From RG3

The Robert Griffin III Foundation is an initiative that truly comes from my heart, and with the help of our members I’m excited about the difference we can make in people’s lives. With this foundation, I want people to understand that their dreams aren’t out of reach, and that anything is possible. As a collective Family, we will  strive to create meaningful networks for people in our everyday lives by providing them with access to the tools and resources necessary to reach their fullest potential. Most importantly, we want to provide hope, support and opportunity to all and be that extra push people need in order to realize and catch their dreams.rg3-autograph


Our Mission

The Robert Griffin III Foundation is a non profit foundation that strives to discover, design, and support programs that benefit struggling military families, underprivileged youth, and the victims of domestic violence.

Our Vision

To be the beacon of hope for families who are struggling, whether it be from the aftermath of domestic abuse, sacrifices they made for our country through their time in the military, or circumstances that were out of their control.