Rg3's Salute To Fitness Event

Rg3’s Salute To Fitness Event


Kick off the new year with RG3 and the rest of us at the Robert Griffin III Foundation Foundation by learning about healthy eating habits and workouts tailored to your specific needs and goals. The event will be run by professional nutritionists, dietitians and personal trainers who will give insightful seminars. Some of the topics will be: healthy eating do’s and don’ts, diet fads, and nutrition myth busters. There will also be a dedicated Q&A session so that attendees will have the ability to ask questions they may still want answers to.

There will be two distinct schedules tailored to adults and children.

Adults: You will have an extended session with the nutritionists in order to better grasp the concepts of healthy eating, and a Q&A session. There will be dedicated workouts for all adults including yoga, zumba and stretching. Our professional trainers and nutritionists will also be available to provide you with contact information in order to use their services in the future. Lunch will be provided around the half way point of the event.

Children: You will be given a healthy eating work shop, and then you will go through some tests (push ups, sit ups, court runs, etc) in order to be placed onto teams. Those established teams will have an hour of competitions ranging from tug of war, three legged races, sack races, relay runs, etc. Lunch will be provided around the half way point of the event.